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Increase your salary by tens of thousands of dollars per year

Leverage your experience and education to get the job you want

Free up valuable time for doing the things you love

How it works

1. Upload your resume and cover letter >>

2. We research and customize them for careers in your field, then apply to jobs on your behalf >>

3. Interview requests start coming in

Applying for jobs is stressful.

The amount of time spent researching open positions, researching the company, and tailoring a resume and cover letter to each position can be overwhelming.

Imagine if you could have someone do that for you, letting you know when you have interviews, and working on advancing your career while you spend time with friends and family.

1 Foot Out is an employment agency that takes on your job search. We do everything for you. Just as athletes, actors, and performers have agents to get them work and help advance their career, so should professionals in STEM fields.


We :

1. Consult with you on your job search and career, then sharpen your resume and cover letter
2. Research open positions in your field, on a regular basis
3. Send customized applications to hiring managers, on your behalf
4. Get you interviews until you ultimately land a position

When we work together, we will identify your dream career, and make a plan of the specific steps required to get there. Our team will then begin the work to identify high quality positions in your field, customize the resume and cover letter for each one, and send the application, as if it came directly from you. We take the hassle out of the job search.

Click "get started" above to upload your resume & cover letter. Then choose the position, industry, and location you want to work in.